Southern Thailand Travel Photos: The Road to Ranong

A Stop at the Market in Hua Hin

Sunrise from a Southbound Minivan The Orchids Grow on Trees (at a gas station) The most enormous shrimp (Market in Hua Hin) Fresh ginger and turmeric (Market in Hua Hin) Dried jellyfish (Market in Hua Hin) Chillies in extreme closeup (Market in Hua Hin) Motorbike child seat (Market in Hua Hin)

Lunch on the Coast in Pranburi

Sliced green mango with spicy salt Solar or one-day squid Solar squid up close and personal Clam salad Boiled shrimp with dipping sauces Deep fried grouper Mixed vegetables Crab meat with holy basil Refreshing and beautiful watermelon and pineapple Mango with sweet sticky rice

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