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I was fortunate to spend a month in Thailand in January-February 2005 and then to repeat the trip in January-February 2006. Arriving three weeks after the terrible Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26, 2004, we found a country almost abandoned by tourists, but whose attractions — above water and below — remained largely intact. A year later, the beaches on the Andaman Sea once again were crowded with visitors. If you are planning to travel to Thailand, these notes might help.

This site is organized by destination. If your particular interest is Thai food or snorkeling, and you just can't wait to see some pictures, you can skip ahead and take a peek:

My special thanks to Kasma Loha-Unchit and her husband Michael for their enthusiastic and wise guidance, good humor, and remarkable patience, during our two months together in Southern Thailand. We should do it again soon! For more information on Kasma's trips, visit the Thailand Travel Adventures section of her web site. The views expressed here are purely my own.

This site is (obviously) not complete. If the page you want is missing, please try again next week.

For now, you might begin where most travel to Thailand begins, in Bangkok.