Southern Thailand Travel Notes: Krabi

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Globe showing position of KrabiKrabi is a fishing town ready, willing, and able to accommodate tourists with a wide range of interests. Active visitors kayak in the mangrove swamps or climb sheer karsts, while most everyone spends at least some time relaxing on the nearby beaches. It also provides an excellent base for exploring the many attractive islands offshore, which was one of the main reasons for our visit here.


The Maritime Park & Spa Resort (formerly Krabi Meritime or Krabi Maritime) is located near town, up-river from the coast, which helped the hotel avoid direct tsunami damage. Four or five wings of attractively furnished rooms are arranged around a pool and face a dramatic limestone karst which towers over lush vegetation. Who needs the beach?

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Other members of our group gave the resort's spa high ratings, but I didn't try it myself.

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Our next destination was Koh Poda (Poda island).