Southern Thailand Travel Photos: Koh Surin

Around Koh Surin: From the water

Ferry wake looking back toward the mainland Approaching park headquarters Koh Surin welcoming committee Taking the longtail to the snorkeling grounds Playing camera games: a low view from the longtail The bay fronting the Moken Village Anticipating a hot shower as we approach the mainland

Around Koh Surin: From the land

Interior of Cabin #9 Interior of Cabin #9 Empty water bottles imported from the mainland Malayan Flying Lemur hiding on a tree Monkey navigating among the branches (2005) Monkey regarding the photographer from high in a tree (2005) Dining room (East Side) at dusk Mai Ngam Beach (from West Side campgrounds)(2005) Sunset on Ao Mai Ngam (from West Side campgrounds)(2005)

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