Southern Thailand Travel Photos: Koh Surin

Snorkeling Koh Surin 2006

Fish photographed off Ao Mae Yai
First day: Afternoon at Ao Mae Yai and Ao Mai Ngam

Fish photographed off Ao Suthep
Second day: Morning at Mungkorn Island and Ao Suthep

Fish photographed off Torin La
Second day: Afternoon at Torin La

Jellyfish photographed off Ao Jaak
Third day: Morning at Stork Island and Ao Jaak

Underwater vista photographed at Turtle Bay
Third day: Afternoon at Turtle Bay

Around The Islands

Welcoming Committee at Koh Surin
Images of Koh Surin from the water

Koh Surin Cabin
Images of Koh Surin from the land

Island Cuisine

Fried fish at our first lunch
Fried and Steamed Fish

Stir fried cabbage with pork
Island Stir Fries

Seasoning for a breakfast soup of rice
Soups, Appetizers, et cetera

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