Southern Thailand Travel Photos: Koh Surin

Island Fish Fried and Steamed

Fried fish at first day lunch Fried fish at second day lunch Fried fish at third day lunch Steamed fish at first day dinner Steamed fish at second day dinner My, what big teeth you have Steamed fish at third day dinner

Island Stir Fries

Squid and shrimp at dinner Squid and shrimp replay at lunch Mixed vegetables Cabbage with pork Shrimp with coconut shoots Shrimp at dinner on Koh Surin Crystal noodles (mung bean threads)

Island Soups, Appetizers, and so on

Chicken and winter melon soup Coconut soup with fish Fishcake appetizer Rice soup for breakfast Seasonings for rice soup Watermelon and pineapple dessert

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